Sunday, November 1, 2015

Let's get some Treats!

Time for the annual Halloween festivities!  We did the Haunted Forest on the 17th and now it is time for the ward Trunk or Treat!  This is actually all of the trick or treating the kids ended up doing.  On Halloween we ended up staying home and doing an "Eat all of your Candy" night, while enjoying a family movie.  It was a really nice way to just chill and enjoy Halloween!  There is really so many people at the ward trunk or treat that we don't need to do more than that anyway. 

Well, without any more delay... here are the costumes:

Clark is Batman!

Mhari is a cute Fox

Grant is The Man in Black, The Dread Pirate Roberts, or Wesley (which ever name you prefer).

Talmage is Inigo Montoya!  

You killed my father... prepare to die!

Lorna is a cute princess.  Really, it didn't matter which one, so long as she was a princess :)

Sandra is Hermione Granger at the Yule Ball!  So fun!

Some random fun photos at the end of trick or treating.  

Mhari, Lorna, Clark, and Talmage

Lorna Bug

Mhari, Sandra, Clark and Lorna

Candy Time!





Everybody organized their candy and then worked on trading with siblings for other good candy.  Jeff was involved to help orchestrate it all.  I just enjoyed watching :)

Happy Halloween!

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