Saturday, November 28, 2015

Natural Bridge Caverns

To finish off our fun trip down to San Antonio we finished up by going to see the Natural Bridge Caverns.  It is located just north of San Antonio so it was a great stop on our way out of town!  It was a pretty cold day outside, but the caves stay in the 70's.  

The caverns were discovered because of this huge sink hole.  This bridge is all that remains of the sink hole.  

Here we go down into the caverns!!!

There are so many cool formations!  They were all made from water in one way or another.  This one was water flowing.  It is either a curtain or a drape... depending how it is attached to the cave.

This was the touching stone.  To preserve the caves we can't touch any of the formations.  That is difficult for people so they have one stone that they let you touch as much as you want before you go any farther on the tour :). Lorna liked the touching stone.

So amazing!  I love when there are different colors!


These are huge ripples on the ground.  

Talmage and Jeff

The pool at the bottom isn't really that cool blue color... it's happening because of the minerals in the rock.


Stalactites and stalagmites!  I think this is the biggest column... when the two connect!

The fried egg!

It was a great tour!  It is amazing what is hiding under the ground that we never even know about!  
The gift shop was very popular with our kids.  Grant spend some of his left over birthday money on a pocket knife and a stuffed animal bat.  If I were to spend money I would have bought this beautiful crystal leaf tree!  So amazing!  

Yay for family trips and enjoying nature!  Thanks for all of the fun San Antonio!

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