Thursday, November 19, 2015

Let the Project Begin!

Talmage  has come to that time in life to complete his Eagle Project!  He worked with a local Cemetery Association to add a flagpole and flowerbed as well as clean headstones at the cemetery.  I got to be involved with the process to help him accomplish everything by helping him contact and meet with the President of the Association.  He also exchanged many emails and phone calls before we ever got to the project.  I even got to take him to get the project approval.  It is a bit overwhelming, but Talmage stuck through it and finally gets to do the project!

The first phase of the project was to set the flagpole.  After the flagpole was set then we would come back to add the flowerbed and scrub the stones.  

This is what the land looked like before the flagpole. 

Here is the hole dug and getting ready to set it. 

Talmage working to level the pole before helping to fill the hole with cement.

More leveling

In goes the cement

 Mixing up more cement

Now to come back and bring lots of helpers!  

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