Saturday, November 14, 2015


After working out of the house for the last 2 years it was time for Jeff to move out and upgrade to his own office!  His main office now in Arlington!

Here is the home office getting cleared out and moved!

He took the wood panels and the nice mirror from the wall.  It helps upgrade the new office without having to spend any extra money!

I don't know why, but Jeff and I have a terrible time picking a paint color.  Jeff really wanted the new office to have a color.  We went through lots of neutral colors and light blue/grays and ended up choosing a blue.  After the whole office was painted blue it was way too much blue!  The lighting really picked up the blue and it looked so dark!  Jeff decided to try a green instead.  We repainted the whole main area and after doing that the room was way too green!  It's like anything we did was so not working!  We even sampled like 9 colors before trying the green.  This was getting ridiculous!  We finally settled on a neutral and repainted again!  We did leave a few green walls in the reception area that helps the room not feel so cold and neutral.  After the third paint switch I think we have finally found a winning color situation for the new office!

Here is the blue next the the new white/neutral!

Nathan came and helped but up the wood panels.  We were checking out hanging the mirror on this wall.  Still haven't done it yet though.

The main reception area.  This is Michelle's desk.  The entry is at the far left corner of this picture. 

A photo from the door area into the sitting/reception area.  The open door is to the conference room.

The conference room.  I really like how this room turned out!

The workroom

Jeff's office :)

What the outside looks like... his very own sign!

The office building.

It seems to be working out well right now.  Jeff is able to sit at his office and work all day and when clients come he just goes out to meet them and right to his own conference room.  This is definitely saves time during Jeff's busy work days!

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