Friday, July 30, 2010

3, 2, 1, Blast Off!

When Jeff was young he and his brothers enjoyed making and launching model rockets. While Jeff's parents were in town they decided to teach the kids about rockets and launch them off. Jeff did a lot of work to put together all of the rockets and make everything work for launching them. The boys learned how to repack their rocket by the end of it all so that was helpful. Overall this is something that the kids might be a little older to really enjoy. Until then, it's a fun chance for Jeff to experience rockets again, and share the fun with his kids :).

Here is Talmage after retrieving his rocket.
Launching the rocket (sorry a little out of order).

Mhari's turn. They are pretty loud close up... Grant is ready :).

Running down the grass hill. I think the kids may have enjoyed that as much as launching the rockets :).

Getting set up.
The first day we started getting rained on so we went home after launching 5 rockets. The next day we went out again. We were able to launch more, but Talmage's got stuck on the roof of the school... just a little too much wind. It's a good thing we know someone who has access to the school so we were able to get it back. Daddy activities are fun... and they involve explosives... Mommy activities aren't that cool :).


Alli said...

Sweet! Looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

You aren't the only mommy that isn't as fun as Daddy's. Oh well, I am really good at remembering things that Daddy doesn't so I guess we each have a job.