Friday, July 2, 2010

A Shower... Just in time!

My awesome friends decided that I needed a baby shower. However, since it's my 5th baby and I don't really "need" anything I just wanted to have a fun girls night, eat yummy food, and watch a movie for the baby shower. I had lots of friends come, and along with all the other fun, they also brought me presents. They were too sweet :) (especially since I told them not to bring any... I guess going to a baby shower without bringing a gift is a problem for some people). I got fun baby stuff as well as fun mommy stuff. Over all it was a great night hanging out and eating yummy food. A few friends even stayed to watch the movie.

The funny part is that I wasn't supposed to have the baby until July 5th, however I had been having contractions. The Monday after the shower the contractions were strong enough that Jeff and I headed to the hospital. I was already dialated to a 6! Let's just say we had the shower just in time. Clark was excited to get here!

Here are some pictures of the shower! Presents!

Tammy and Janet

Aubrey and Lisa

Emily, Cherine, and Amanda

The next day my friend, Maria, had her baby shower. Our due dates were just a few weeks apart so we did the baby bump pictures together. Just in case you were curious how big I got with Clark, this will be the best picture, closest to when he was born. I was plenty big enough at just 36 weeks!

Thanks to everyone for coming and hanging out with us. It was a great night and I'm so glad to have my little boy here!

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