Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Going Native - Texan!

Since we had Grandparents in town last week we went to check out the Stockyards and show them around... you know, what it's like to be a true Texan - Cowboy and all!

They have added a petting zoo since the last time we were there. The kids really enjoyed the animals. I wish there was a better selection of animals. Man, they sure got to see a lot of goats though :).

Mhari and the little goat.
Feeding the goats.

Grant petting the goats.

They did get to see some horses and real cowboys :).
Every day they bring out the longhorn cattle and drive them down the center of the street... instead of the running of the bulls it's more like the walking of the steers :).

Check out those horns!

Mhari saying they were all gone. Too cute :)
Since we were there we decided to check out the shops. I thought it would be fun for the kids to each have a cowboy hat. Punkin didn't want one, but otherwise we ended up with some cute cow girls and boys. Jeff and his dad even joined in on the fun :). Now we are really becoming true Texans!
Here's Talmage riding the horse outside one of the restaurants.
Sandra and Grant in their new hats. Cuties!

The whole gang with hats! I think Jeff makes one fine lookin cowboy :).

The last stop of the day was the mechanical bull. The true test of any cowboy. Jeff got on and had pretty good form...

but just didn't last too long. I guess we haven't lived here long enough to be champion bull riders yet. Maybe he'll do better next time ;). We had a great time enjoying the Stockyards!


Donelle said...

That is so fun that everyone got hats. What a great idea. I rode that same is way harder than it looks:) I didn't last long. When you moving back to AZ?

Machelle said...

Hey, my brother used to lead that drive down main street. That brought back a lot of memories.