Thursday, July 15, 2010

While we were sleeping...

Having a new baby is tiring. We aren't sleeping through the night... this little guy has to grow you know ;). It has been nice that it's summer and the kids don't have to be to school and there are no pressing engagements. It's also nice that Talmage is old enough to help get the kids breakfast and that they play nicely (sometimes) so that I can sleep for a little while longer.
Isn't a sleeping baby just beautiful!
Yesterday this is what I found when I woke up

Two girls having lots of fun in the hair stuff! Let's just say that they were very "beautiful" by the time I found them :).

The boys had made little forts for their army men and had been battling.

Here is some of the destruction.
I'm glad I get a little while longer to sleep and that the kids are mostly good during that time. I look forward to sleeping through the night, or at least longer than 3 hours, so that I can get back into a good morning routine. Until then, thanks for the extra little sleep, even if some mornings I wake up to crying, screaming kids, who are done getting along together.


Shay said...

That is one A-dorable baby! He is so cute! Your kids are so great to play and let you know we always have one ear open huh?

Alli said...

It is amazing what we can live thru - and sleep thru when we are new moms, again! I'm glad your older ones are able to do some things for themselves :) Good luck, Lady!

Donelle said...

Having older kids is the BEST! I am loving it...sleeping in and I don't even have a newborn keeping me up at night:) Can't wait to meet with little guy!