Friday, July 9, 2010

Recent Projects

I found this old shelf/dresser on one of our trash pick up days. It was obvious it was very old, and had not been used for a while. I figured it would be great for the baby's room. These photos are after I took off the knobs and sanded it. The knobs were really ugly - sorry I didn't get a picture for you :).

I borrowed some paint from a friend and bought some new knobs. After just a couple of coats of paint it looks like a whole new piece of furniture.

I really like the new knobs - the only part I actually paid money for too :) I love cheap projects!

The upstairs bedroom was in some serious need of curtains. We had blinds on them, but with the size of the window (72 inches square) they just didn't hold up over the years. I decided to make dark curtains to keep the sun out. With being such a huge window that room really heats up with the sun! Jeff wanted some sheer curtains so it wasn't a black window so I made some of those too.
Here is the finished product!

The sheer curtains:
With the new curtains we really needed a curtain rod and brackets. Let's just say that those are so expensive - who knew? Jeff and I decided we would rather make our own than spend over $20 on just the curtain rod. I don't know all the costs for the rod - like a couple of dollars maybe, and we had the paint and the wood for the brackets. I think Jeff had to buy longer screws too. Overall the project was way under $10! I think the bracket and rod turned out really well. Sometimes doing it yourself is just better - I think this will last lots longer than some of the other brackets we looked at! Way to go hunny!

I'm sure there are more projects in the future, but these had to get done before baby came and we could rearrange rooms. They curtains are great!


westen and ladawn said...

Those curtains and rod look amazing. Good job! You are both so creative!! I hope your doing good with that sweet new baby:)!

Machelle said...

Awesome, I love that dresser. Im in the mood to paint now. And for the window covering, great job!