Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baptism #1 - Talmage

October 23, 2010 - Talmage was baptized and confirmed at the Fort Worth Stake Center by Daddy. It was a small gathering but still just as special. Both grandparents came out to see it. Here was the general program:
Presiding: Bro Robert Hamlin
Leading Music: Grandma Whitmer with Grandma Williams on the piano.
Opening Prayer: Bro Blair (home teacher)
Talk on Baptism: Grandpa Williams
Talk on Holy Ghost: Mommy
Baptism and Confirmation: Daddy
Baptism witnesses: Bro Blair & Bro Hamblin
Confirmation: Daddy, Grandpa Williams, Bro Blair, & Bro Hamblin
Closing Prayer: Sandra Williams - she did a really great prayer too!
Songs: #103 When I am Baptized & #105 Holy Ghost

Here are pictures following the baptism. Talmage and Daddy
Parents and Talmage

Grandma Whitmer and Talmage

Following the baptism we all went out to dinner; partly for the baptism but it was grandma Williams' birthday. Grandma Whitmer came along too to celebrate. We went to Red Hot and Blue to eat. Once home, Talmage opened his baptism gifts from the grandparents. From grandma and grandpa Williams he got a picture and Captain Moroni tie tac.

From grandma Whitmer he received a white polar bear to help him remember to be as clean as the white bear.
So what did Mommy and Daddy give him? Life, 8 years of teaching, and plenty of opportunity. What did God give him? The Holy Ghost. Sorry, no picture on the last two.


The Gee Six said...

Ha, ha - I love that last comment! Too funny!

What an awesome day! I think my kids baptism days are some of my favorite days . . . ever.

Thanks for letting us be a part of it!

Cindy Killebrew said...

Sounds like an awesome birthday and baptism! I am so sad we missed it. You can see how special he felt from his sweet expressions in the pictures.