Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Talmage is a Cub Scout

Now that Talmage is 8...he is a Cub Scout. We bought his book almost two weeks prior to his birthday. He read it because he was excited. He quickly earned his Bobcat badge. Here he is just before his first den meeting. He had a great time and even earned a belt loop while there.

The next week was pack meeting. He was introduced as one of the new Cubs.

His birthday was the day after the "cut off" date for getting awards at the pack meeting but we arranged for Talmage's Bobcat badge to be purchased because we knew he would earn it before pack meeting. Mommy went up with Talmage to get the award. First the handshake...

Then the award. He is such a sweet boy. He tries his best and wants to do well in what he sets out to do. Just from this picture you can tell he will no doubt do better at Cubs than daddy did. I like this picture.

He got to display the pumpkin he decorated from his den meeting while we were at pack meeting. We took it home and ended the evening of scouts.

It is amazing sometimes how you see the tendancies and desires of your kids so clearly. Keep it up Talmage and you will do well in life. We love you.

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The Gee Six said...

He is such a cute Cub Scout! It is totally awesome that he is so excited to be there!