Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Family in Town - Random Sampler

Grandparents came into town for the baptism. Here are some general pictures at the house. Grandma Whitmer held baby when she first got here. She arrived on Wednesday and flew home on Sunday night.

Grant decided he should hold Baby because he Loves Clark and wanted some pictures. Baby loves him too.

They even lay down together and play.

Sharla and her mother went to get pedicures so naturally the girls wanted their toes painted also. So Saturday afternoon they both got their pink toes.

Punkin had to let hers dry but still loved to point at them.

Talmage received more presents for his birthday when family came into town. Grandma Whitmer bought him a shirt and a little motorized green bug. Sorry, no good pics. Grandma and grandpa Williams bought him a remote control car. He said he wanted one. It was between a red Ferrari and the Ford GT. Of course I'd get the GT.

My parents arrived on Saturday and left Tuesday morning to go home. Here are some photos of grandpa Williams with a gradually increasing number of the grandkids. First is him and Clark in their overalls.

Punkin decided to join for a picture.

The boys then got in the mix.

Here is the one and only photo of my mom (grandma Williams). She does not like her picture taken. Chica decided to join her while the boys were in the other picture with grandpa.
We are glad family were able to come and share their time with us and see the baptism of Talmage. It never seems long enough...

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westen and ladawn said...

Congrats on the baptism Talmage!!! Those are great pictures Sharla. It looks like you guys are having a great time with Grandma. We wish we could of been there for it. Tell Talmage congrats for us. xoxoxo