Saturday, October 16, 2010


I usually like to have a theme to my post, but I figured there are just some fun random pictures I wanted to share, so here's a random post :).

Jeff and Baby Clark. Clark really was happy, just not in this picture. It is amazing how fast he is growing and changing. Before long he'll be moving and eating baby food. Until then we enjoy our calm little boy!

Daddy went to the scout shop and picked up the badges for Talmage's cub uniform as well as the Wolf book. Cub Scouts here we come. Here is Jeff going over the book and such with him. He is really excited :). This starts the long years of cubs... that will then turn into boy scouts!

Talmage lost his other top tooth on Monday. It was really wiggly that morning and he could turn it sideways. I told him that we should pull it, but he wanted to wait til after school. I told him that it would probably come out during school. Yup, I was right. I wonder if secretly he wanted it to come out at school :). He got to go to the nurse and get a tooth container and everything. It happened at lunch, go figure ;).
I love it when the kids get along and play quietly. Who doesn't right? Recently the kids have rediscovered the coloring books. They have spent many an hour at the kitchen table with all of the markers out, working together to color all of the cool pictures :).

Even when they want a picture in the same book... they share. It was fun to watch the boys color these pictures. They figured it out all by themselves - priceless :).

That's some of our latest happenings. Next week brings a birthday and a baptism. Those will be fun events to share :). It will be fun to have family in town as well! October is flying by!


Katy B. said...

I love random posts! So fun! :)

Donelle said...

Glad to see your family is doing well. Sorry we will miss the baptism...have so much fun with family in town:) Any word on a job come December for the hubby?

EmpressOfAllSheSurveys said...

Happy Birthday to Talmage!!!! The kids look pretty angelic all sitting there together coloring.....

The Gee Six said...

I love the pic of the boys sharing the coloring book! What awesome kids you have!