Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Great to be 8!

It seems like just yesterday... well, maybe not yesterday, but not long ago that we welcomed our first baby to our family. Talmage was a beautiful baby (seriously, I'm not biased at all). He has been such a sweet boy and an amazing big brother! Talmage is now 8 years old and becoming such a big kid!

Look at what a sweet baby he was! See, I told you he was beautiful ;)

We had a simple family celebration. He wanted another volcano cake (like he had the year before) and he helped decorate it. The pink frosting is supposed to be red lava. Not my best cake, but it tasted good :).
Blowing out the candles.

Eating the cake and ice cream. I think he's happy about it!

Opening presents. Sandra and Grant had a great time wrapping up stuff to give to him. I love it when they share ;)

The present picture. (Sorry, I didn't let you see every picture of every present... I figured we'd just get to the point). He was really excited about his presents!
I also took treats to his class for his birthday, but I left the camera at home. The night before he made a list of what I needed to do (well, it turned into a list for him) the next day. It had - go to school, go to the store, bring treats to class, come home from school, make a cake, have the Blair's over, light candles, blow out candles, and open presents. Such a great kid!
We are now looking forward to grandparents coming to town and his baptism this Saturday. He is all ready to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It's been amazing to see him grow and get ready for this big event! We just love you Talmage!
Things about Talmage:

He loves school!
He loves reading - and likes the Hardy Boys series right now :)
He is a good friend and wants all of his classmates to be his friend.
He is a great big brother.
He loves beanie babies - a little too much sometimes, but it's very sweet :)
He is excited to be a cub scout!
He wants to be a Detective when he grows up (inspired by the Hardy boys books)
He likes wearing glasses - he doesn't like it when people can't tell him and his brother apart.
He has read the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price (and has started the Bible). He is a really good reader ;).
He is sometimes shy in front of people.
He wants to play soccer - we'll have to work on that in the spring!
Talmage is an amazing boy!!


Amanda said...

Beanie babies? I have a HUGE tub of them from my mom! He would of loved her house!

Rice Family said...

Happy Birthday Talmage! Growing up too fast!

PS. based on the pictures I've seen, he really was an ADORABLE baby!

JandA said...

We whole-heartedly agree! Lots of Love-Your Uncle, Aunt and Cousins. Congrats on your Baptism, we are so proud of you!

Machelle said...

Tell Talmage congratulations on his Baptism and Birthday. Bridgette and I miss him!