Tuesday, October 12, 2010

While the kids are away...

The Punkin will play :)

Mhari gets a lot of one on one time with me now during the day. She is talking more and really loves to be "helpful" with the baby. It is nice just having two again so I can get out and walk in the morning too (with the double stroller).

There really isn't anything too exciting happening around here. Here is what I can think of in terms of family happenings: Sandra did swallow a bead and we almost had to go to the ER. Thankfully Daddy helped her get it to go down. No fun (but also no pictures, not sure that's a picture taking moment).
Talmage has another really loose tooth :). That's always exciting!
We had no school yesterday and we just enjoyed being together and helped Daddy pick out new glasses at Costco.
Honestly there's not much to say and I haven't gotten many good pictures to blog about. I guess I should be looking for fun things to take pictures of. Oh, Clark did giggle for the first time. It was adorable! He's done it one more time, so now I'm trying to get that on video.

Here are a couple of pictures of some of the stuff Punkin does while the kids are at school. Oh, and if we go anywhere during the day she always asks if we are going to get Sandra from school. She misses her sister (and her brothers too).

This is her in her swimming pool :). These pillows have been a great many things over the years. I love that they are so creative. I just want my couch to survive all the playing too ;)

Here she is one day during quiet time. She really likes to draw. This time she had gotten a hold of the markers and colored on her legs. Then I gave her the pencil to use instead. Those washable markers sure don't wash off skin very easy :(.
I am really enjoying our time together. Mhari is a sweet girl and she's really growing up! What happened to my baby girl? She's so big!

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Tink said...

Wow, Mhari is really growing up! She looks so much like Sandra in that first picture!!