Friday, February 25, 2011

High Shoes

A few weeks ago I walked through a department store with the kids and Sandra saw the shoes... and all of the high heels. I think it was love at first sight. She immediately told me that she wanted"high shoes". It was so cute. This conversation has gone on and on since then and at night she couldn't sleep because she was asking for high shoes. She had seen a craft foam project of making flip flops and one day during quiet time she made her own and made them high shoes at that. She used her flip flops as a pattern.

After I looked at them she asked me if we could hot glue all of the little pieces together so they would stay. The materials she used wouldn't work and stay together so I told her no. She was very sad :(

I must say that she was smart to figure out how to do it on her own. They looked pretty cute for not having the right supplies :).

Then she told me she accidentally got marker on her fingers when she was coloring. Well, really she colored her finger nails with marker is what she meant to say. I guess it's time to do the nail polish again. She is such a girly girl!

Clark as been progressing and recently started crawling (but that's a different post). He's such a fun baby :)

Cute boy!

Grant was having fun doing raspberries on his tummy. Clark would laugh for him too :)
On a different note:
Jeff has survived the bar exam. We recently bought him a pillow pet because he really wanted one. He was pretty excited about it too :). It took forever to find the one he wanted - the pink pig. He's cute when he acts silly about stuff like that. One of my friends wasn't sure Jeff was serious about his pillow pet when he mentioned it on facebook so I took a picture to prove how much he likes it...

he really does sleep with it. He didn't even know I took this picture :). While he was gone for the bar exam all of the kids had a turn sleeping with it for him.
He's such a good Daddy :).
Yay for being done with the bar exam... now to find work!

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