Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Valentines!

Our beautiful children are our sweet Valentines! Here is how our day went:

Woke up to Valentines from Mommy and Daddy. Then off to school :)

School parties:

Mhari enjoying a cookie in Sandra's class :)

Sandra with her Valentine box...
and all of her Valentines!

Grant with his Valentines!

Grant giving Clark Eskimo kisses :)

Talmage and his bag of Valentines...

A closer look at the bag... the brown picture is a buffalo and he wrote "I love buffalo" on his bag. Daddy has been talking about having a buffalo ranch... the kids are really excited! Just need to earn some money to make that happen ;).

Speaking of Money -
Grandma and Grandpa sent Valentines with money in it! The kids were so excited about the money! They asked to go to the store so they could use it....

Here is the result of the shopping trip: Talmage - detective set (police stuff), Grant - sword, Sandra and Mhari - Glitter Globes, Clark - ball.
They had a great day and enjoyed all of the fabulous valentines!
Mommy even got a few Valentines from the kids :)


Katie Busken said...

So cute!

Lacy said...

Fun- and don't let Jeff and Jonathan get together and talk buffalo ranch-I don't want that to be his next idea!

Cindy Killebrew said...

It sounds like you guys had a busy Valentine's day. Well, mommy did!