Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wolf and 8 months!

Last week was our Blue and Gold banquet for cub scouts and Talmage received his Wolf badge. It was great to have him earn it and I don't think he realized he had it all passed off so he was a little surprised. Jeff did a fabulous job working with him and helping him pass things off. The den helped out too and I did a few things with him to finish it up. He has enjoyed participating in cubs :). Jeff was gone for the bar exam so he missed the banquet and award.

I was lucky enough to get the mother's pin.

In other news... Clark is 8 months old :).

He has had a hard week however, filled with Dr visits, double ear infections, breathing trouble and sleeping trouble :(. I just keep waiting for those top teeth to come on through and make it all better, but no luck yet. Even though he's been sick he's been a good sport and still pretty happy.

We had our first play date with his friend who's just 6 weeks younger than him also last week!

Here they are playing ... separately.

And then together :).
It's great when they learn to share when they are young!

Such cute little toe heads :).

On his 8 month mark we were at the Dr. so his official weight is 23 lb 12 oz, however I have yet to measure him so I'm not sure on that stat. He learned how to crawl this last week!!! He also knows when Mommy is in the room, or leaves the room and now that he can crawl he has come into the kitchen, when I'm working with the older kids, to find me. Oh, the life of a mobile child. He's still slow, but I don't think that will last long. His favorite position is standing/walking so that probably won't be far away. He's growing up so much! He also loves people food and would rather eat that to his baby food any time.
We just love our baby and he is growing up too fast!!

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westen and ladawn said...

I can 't believe Talmage is already a wolf, how fun! Clark is growing up so fast,what a cutie!!