Monday, February 21, 2011

Play Ball!

The weather has been so nice recently that the kids have been playing outside again :). I was watching out the kitchen window and saw all of the kids up on the fence. First Talmage dropped a bucket over the fence. Then the other kids brought over the hose and Talmage draped it over too...

I figured they were trying to get a ball that must have gone over...

I decided to stop them when I saw Grant's leg go up. I figured we shouldn't trespass into our neighbor's yard. Even if he had made it over, I had no idea how he would've gotten back over!
I sent the kids around to the neighbor's house to ask for the ball back. After the ball was retrieved I saw the game start back up...
Grant was batting :)

He got a hit... (the ball is up along the first fence panel) and Talmage is fielding the ball!

Back for another hit... and Talmage is pitching :).
After watching for a little while I couldn't figure out the rules. I went outside and the kids explained that they each either get 5 hits or 5 strikes (swings). After that they switch. If the hitter gets a hit he has to run the "bases" while the pitcher retrieves the ball and runs back to the pitching spot. If the pitcher beats the hitter back he wins, if the runner gets around the bases and back to home first then he wins. Very unique, but also good without having to tag each other... I think these rules work just great :).
They even taught Sandra how to hit the ball. That was really cute (sorry I left the camera inside). I also took a turn or two, but I don't think we have a very good yard for baseball. The ball kept going over the fence. After going to the neighbor's house to get the ball again we switched where we were playing, but it just kept going over the fence and then into the street. Maybe we'll have to find a good park to play in :).

I had a great time playing with my kids. They can come up with some fun games! Next up... Soccer!


Katy B. said...

So cute! For a minute, I was reminded of that movie "the sandlot" with "the beast" aka that huge ugly dog that lived over the fence and kept all their baseballs that were hit over it. :)

Donelle said...

I love that they came up with such great rules. Smart kids...and they know how to have fun too!