Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day... I mean week :)

The snow and ice came Tuesday and the kids got a snow day :). Everything was pretty and white.

It was also FREEZING! I mean, below 0 feels like temps and lots of wind! This was how far baby and I made it outside before we decided it was too cold to be out in the snow!

Daddy hung out with the kids and did a snowball fight in the crazy cold weather!

The kids liked running around playing...

and throwing snow at the fence,
but they got cold pretty fast too.

After everyone came in and had some hot chocolate I figured we were done playing outside. However, later that day Sandra went out again and played in it all by herself. Here is a picture through the window. All the kids also went out again and again!
On Thursday after having 3 snow days off of school the roads were still really icy and the snow still hadn't melted! This is what it usually looks like later in the afternoon the day we get snow, not 3 days later!

Thursday night the snow came again... and didn't stop until Friday around 12 noon. It was a winter wonderland all over again! We were already off of school and the kids only had to go 1 day this week!
Here is Sandra happy to see so much new snow again!

Enough snow to do a good snow angel too!

The front of the house covered, and the car hiding in the new snow! you can't even see the curb... seriously so much snow!

So what do you do when it's been days and days stuck inside and you just got lots of new snow? Go to the local school and sled down the big hill! Jeff took the morning off to go out and play with us. That was handy so he could drive in the snow, and not me! We used a cardboard box and Rubbermaid lids. The box was the best sled.

Sandra cut her own sled path while the other kids got a nice big slick one going with the box.
After a while some people who were also out playing on the hill lent us their shell sled thingy and that worked much better! Too bad the camera batteries died :(. Everyone had turns - even Mommy and Daddy. The snow can be lots of fun... it just helps to have good warm clothes, snow toys, and lots of hot chocolate afterwards! Texas just isn't prepared with all of those things! It's been a fun week. Next week also has wintery weather fore casted... I guess we'll see if we repeat the freezing, icy, snowing weather or not.

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