Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Castle Park

On Thursday we met up with friends from Fort Worth at our old "Castle Park."  I didn't realize there was an obstacle course there too!  The older boys were organized and running through the course.  It was fun to watch them :).  Oh and they were timing each other too!

There was this monkey bar set that was part of the course but none of the kids were tall enough to get up it.  After we (the mom's) bugged the boys about it, Talmage went up to get up them :)

After making it to the top he went across!  So cool to see my kid working it out on the obstacle course!  Way to go Talmage!

Grant's timed run...

Over the walls

Around the poles and then through the cement tunnel and back to the start to end the timer!

Talmage's timed run...
Over the wall

The tall wall :)

Around the poles and through the tunnel and then back to the start!

Clark and Lorna playing on the playground.  Sarah was such a good friend to my babies :)

Sandra and Cherilyn

Lorna likes to be like the big kids


Feeding the ducks :)

It was a beautiful day and the kids had a great time!  The mommy's had a great time too!

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