Wednesday, March 26, 2014


The boys are playing this soccer this spring!  They are both on team Thunder and are even playing against the older age group to have enough teams to play for the season... that just means that our boys have to work that much harder since it's been a couple of years since they have played and they aren't part of a returning team.  

For the first game the boys were all still figuring out how to work together and what positions everyone was.  We lost 2-0, but our goalie really did a great job and saved us on quite a few attempts on goal!

Here is Grant and Talmage walking out for the beginning of the game.

Half time talk with coach

The girls have made friends with the other little siblings on the team.  They had a great time riding and pulling this wagon during the game. 

Jeff had to go help with a baptism so he didn't get to stay the whole game.  Here he is giving some advice before the boys go out for the second half. 

We will have many a Saturday at the soccer fields this spring.  It will be fun to see the boys progress in their soccer skills ;).  Go team Thunder!

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