Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Silly Bug and Dog

Lorna is growing up so fast.  She is so smart and fun too!  She knows where the snacks are and really likes to eat before it's time for bed.  She has gotten so good that she just goes and gets a bowl out and food and sits up to the table with her food.  

I did help her with her snack this night, but she is a cutie!

She also likes peek-a-boo :)


She was being cute with Daddy and honking his nose (missed that photo).  She honks all of our noses if we let her.  Here she is honking Clark's!

She also gives kisses if you ask... sometimes :)

She also likes to play with Daddy!  Here he is tickling her.  She is just waiting to get tickled :)

Clark's turn

Daddy likes to play with his fingers as rhinos.  The kids wave to him and such with their little rhinos ;)

 Lorna and Clark are such good friends.  They love playing together.  Here they are hiding from us!

Back to check on Daddy who was ready to fall asleep for his Sunday nap :)


They are such cute, silly kids!  

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