Tuesday, March 25, 2014

First Speech

Our spring break was so busy this year partly because we had a 4-H speech competition to prepare for.  We had been preparing for it for about a month, but getting everything ready was very tedious, especially with everything else we had to keep up with during that time.  

Talmage gave a speech about raccoons - how they have migrated from the rain forests to the cities, how you can tell if you have a raccoon problem and then how to safely remove the raccoons.  He did a lot of research on it and put his speech together really well.  He helped make the poster boards and really did a great job.  He is a confident speaker and does well interacting with adults, which is great because the judges are adults and they get to ask questions at the end of the speech!  For the county competition no one was competing in the same category as Talmage so he took 1st place, but I think even if he did have competition he would have done well!  He got a score sheet from the judges afterwards and it was scored really high :).

Grant gave his speech on super powers.  He identified real people with real super powers and talked about different types of powers people can have.  He then taught how to develop 3 different types of super powers.  He was really interested in this topic and did a lot of great research on his own.  It was fun to see him excited about something like giving a speech :).  He had a girl in his same category and she took 1st place, but he also did really well!  

Next we go to district for the next level of competition!  That will be an exciting experience!

Congratulations to our awesome 4-H kids!

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