Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Oliver Nature Park

There is a new park in Mansfield that just opened a few months ago.  It is a nature park and doesn't have any playground to speak of.  There are lots of benches and walking paths etc.  I had wanted to take my kids there, but hadn't made it yet.  They did a Homeschool nature class the other week and we decided we needed to check it out!  The local Community Center has a naturist who puts on classes and walks the kids around the park.  There was a great turn out from the community and all of the kids really loved it.  The cousins to joined us too which is always fun :).  

Here are Grant and Owen trying to answer on of the Sam, the naturist, questions.

Sam in the group of children

Teaching the kids about mistletoe and how it grows

The windmill

Small amphitheater that Sam showed off some cool animal skulls and Sandra even got to show off her piece of shale rock she had brought from home... Oh our kids love the outdoors ;) 

Sam was too funny.  He dealt really well with a huge group of interactive homeschooler kids.  I think he reminded me of Steve from Blue's Clues, in a good way :).  It was a great break to get out and be involved in nature during our school day!

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