Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break!

Spring Break came and went so fast that I'm not even sure it was a break ;).  We played with lots of friends on Monday and went to a cool park on Tuesday with friends.  Here is the evidence of our fun Tuesday :).  

The hard part with so many kids and trying to take pictures is that they are always all over the park and it's hard to get photos of them.  Well, the park happened to be pretty busy that day so I snuck some photos while we ate lunch :).

Here are some of the kids eating.

Lorna sharing our friends food

Mhari, Grant and Talmage at the trash can... yup that's how I got a photo of them.

We sat by this small hill while we ate and the kids decided it looked like a great spot to play.  

Lorna and her friend :)

The sad part is that this was a really cool park and I hadn't taken any pictures of that with the few photos I took.  Right before we called it a day Lorna was playing by this trash can (since there are stairs up to it) and I decided to try to get a good shot of her and the park.  Now you can see how cool this wooden castle park really is.  I'm sure we will be back again to explore without quite so many other friends on spring break with us :)

Love her ;)

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