Saturday, January 23, 2016

10 Years Fun!

Sandra reached her 10th birthday!  In our family that is the year that you get to have a fun party with friends!  We pick 2 friends and go do something fun together.  Since Sandra's birthday is in December and we ended up fighting holiday schedules we pushed her party out to January.  She was a good sport about it.  She chose to go ice skating and took her cousin, Ella, and her friend Keslie with her.  We got there too early to skate so we spent time together exploring the mall.  Sandra enjoyed the sporting goods store and Barns 'n Noble.  It was fun to be there for Sandra's first mall hang out day :). 

Once we could skate we headed to the rink.  None of the girls had ever ice skated before so it was very slow going at the beginning.  Sandra caught on pretty quickly and really made the most out of the two hours we were there.  She is even asking for skating lessons now ;).  I tried to skate a little, but I think Sandra is braver than I am ;).  After a couple of rounds I was done.  I did get to hang out with Keslie's mom (my friend) so that made the day even more fun for me too!

Here are some fun photos of Sandra's party!

Just getting used to the ice!


Hugging the wall

Three cuties!

Ella may have had the harder time of it, but they all really did have a great time!

I was so glad I got to go and spend time with our Chica to celebrate an awesome birthday with her and some friends!  Sandra is so fun and daring!  She is willing to try new things, even if they are hard.  She loves to be different and adventurous!  We love our little Chica girl!

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