Saturday, January 2, 2016

All Clean!

Our little Punkin was baptized on Saturday January 2nd, 2016!  We are so proud of the strong spirited girl she is!  Mhari has been looking forward to her baptism.  She chose to wait until January because then some family would be able to attend (along with being in town for Grant's priesthood ordination).  It was a special day and Mhari was very happy to get baptized and get the Holy Ghost!

Beautiful in her new white dress! 

Mhari and Mommy

3 generations:  Mhari, Grandma Whitmer and Mommy

Too cute!

Daddy and his Punkin! 

We love our Mhari

The cousins performed a song during the baptism :)

Our friends, the Meyers, were able to join us.  Here is Lorna with her awesome twin friends, Brooklyn and Kaitlyn :)

Enjoying some yummy desserts!

Mhari and Daddy Love!

It was so nice to enjoy Mhari's special day!  She made a very important promise with Heavenly Father!  We know that as she keeps learning and growing and making choices she can be clean again, because of Jesus Christ and His atonement! 

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