Saturday, January 16, 2016

Enchanted Rock!

On Saturday we woke up and headed out to Enchanted Rock.  If we made it to the trail head by 9 (I think) there was a ranger to follow on a guided tour up the rock.  Well, as it happened we missed the ranger.  We had a nice hike up the hill as a family though.  In the pictures it doesn't seem too impressive.  Really, it's like a huge hill.  It can sure get steep up the side of that hill though.  It was also a lot taller than it seems.  Once we got up the hill we found the ranger and his group and the kids were able to listen to the last part of the tour.  It was really neat.  The granite that these are made out of is what the Texas State Capitol building was built out of. 

Here is the distant view.  See the tiny specks towards the top, those are people.  Just trying to give some sort of perspective to this rock!

Closer up view of the ant like people as they ascend up the hill.

Our little rock climbers

There was lots of hidden cactus... Lorna finally found it for herself.  Good thing it wasn't too bad.

Talmage walking with Lorna

Daddy and Mhari

Made it to the top.  Talmage checking out one of the small pools that little creatures live in.  This is what the ranger was teaching about.

The view from the top!
 There were lots of beautiful clouds to make for a great view and not too sunny.  It also meant that it could start raining at any second and the path down would be a lot slipperyier!

The whole family!

At the end of the tour the guide took the group down into a cave area off the side of the hill.  We let the bigger kids go with the group and we hung out with our Lorna bug!
 It was a beautiful day and a great time to spend together as a family! 

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