Friday, January 22, 2016

Bye-bye Baby

After over 13 years we no longer have a crib!  It was hard to let go, but it was a good change for everyone involved!  This crib has lasted through 5 kids (at one point we had 2 cribs) and 12 years!  We loved how sturdy it was and flexible as the children grew.  The side opened like a gate so once we took the lock off the child could just get in and out (more toddler style).  It was working great until Lorna decided she was too big for her bed.  She really hadn't been sleeping well so the time was coming.  Then Sandra was ready to be out of the bottom of the bunk bed and the bed rearrangement was planned.  We would get Sandra a new twin bed (and Talmage, his was just beat) and switch Lorna to the bottom of the bunk. 

As I disassembled the crib it was odd to think how long we had lived with this piece of furniture.  It was also really shocking to see how it was not holding up after all of the years.  It was time for it to go!

 Check out that mattress!  It can only be duct taped so many times ... ewe!

Now before the new bed came Sandra had changed her mind.  She was now scared of getting a new bed and didn't want to leave her comfy bunk.  I knew the new bed would be too high for Lorna and that Sandra would want the new bed once she saw it.  We had an emotional talking to, but got her ready to switch beds when the time came.  Sandra was the best motivation during this whole process of buying the new bed that to have her changing her mind last minute was pretty annoying.  We all survived :)

Once the new bed arrived Sandra couldn't have been happier!  I'm glad she chose to trust me and get a new bed after all!

Lorna got a new princess curtain to help her feel happy as she got her sister's previous bunk bed.  She was very happy too!

It is crazy how fast they grow!  It is strange to have moved out of the small kids, naps, diapers, and such stage of life.  We are enjoying our bigger kids with a bit more freedom of schedule.  Why do they have to grow up so fast though?

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