Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ranger Magnolia

We went of a field trip with some friends from a homeschool Texas History class we are doing this year.  We headed out to Waco to check out the Ranger museum.  We had a great time and the kids got to add to their awesome knowledge of Texas History! 

Lorna and Clark found the cute old wooden rocking horses :)

Seriously, he is so big, but it's hard to explain to a 5 year old.

There was a cool station that people could put together a hand gun and take it apart.

 Clark enjoying the real old jail door! 

The whole group

The Brazos River!

 Just the Williams' kids ;)

Grant and Clark

Before we left Waco we stopped over at Magnolia Farms for lunch.  There is an awesome show called Fixer Upper and they are based out of Waco.  This couple helps people buy a new house and then fix it up to their dream house.  They are a fun, quirky couple and it is a great show to enjoy.  It was really neat to get to see their new home base dream become reality!  Unfortunately we didn't run into Chip or Joanna, but it was great anyway! 

 Here are the old Silos that are still being refurbished for their offices and such.

 The grainery is now their store.  They had tons of cute stuff!

 They have a fabulous garden area.  The kids had fun in the sitting areas :)

Part of the garden area

 Part of the store front

 Super cute signs from the shop.

A little birdie I almost bought (if only the line had been shorter).

While at the Silos there is a large picnic area with food trucks.  They even have a nice lawn area with bean bag toss games.  It was the perfect family friendly hang out!  It was a great trip out to Waco!  Yay for Texas Rangers and the Magnolia Farms!

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