Thursday, July 7, 2016

Biking the hood!

Now that we are in the house it was time to get the kids bikes fixed up so we could ride around in our fun neighborhood.  One of the fun perks is a park just around the corner (not the lake).  It has paths and a baseball diamond and a playground.  The kids had a blast riding to it and then playing on the playground.  It was a bit hot, but it was a great way to spend some time together!  The kids play so well together it is so fun to watch!  Grant especially plays so well with the little kids! 

Here he is with Clark and Lorna :)

Sandra enjoyed riding the paths ... even though it was hot.
So did Talmage!

Mhari too!

Everyone loved playing!

Fun riding the fire truck!

Lorna driving!

The group, hot and tired, after the fun time riding around!
On our way home Mhari got lost ;(.  I sent Grant out to find her and after a few minutes I went to help.  She had taken a wrong turn on the paths and got lost.  She was really afraid, but grateful when we found her.  I'm glad she was safe, even when she was lost!  I also got to meet one of our neighbors because she saw me outside with the kids.  She lives right next door and has a grandson named Clark too!  Too funny!  She's sweet and it's nice to get to meet some of the neighbors!

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