Saturday, July 30, 2016

Number 2 goes down!

Ever since we moved in I've been dying to take down the bush by the mailbox.  Seriously it was like a bush that was a huge a as a tree!  This yard has not been trimmed in years and we are dealing with some seriously overgrown plants!  Jeff took the Sawsall to it and started tearing it down bit by bit.  It was a serious beast, but in the end Jeff won.  It also had little friend bushes surrounding it that had to go too.  We had so much bush trash it took the trash man a few times to take it all away.  With the massive bush gone we now have a fabulous view!  It's amazing how much was taken up by this bush!

Jeff's starting the job!

Now you can get a feel for it's size!

 Pulling out the branches!

 Almost gone!
 Bye-bye bush!

 Beautiful sunset!

The cousins came over to fish :)

We still had bushes to rip out.  Lots of them.

Making good progress!

Kids done fishing ....

Time to help with the bushes!

Finally all gone!

The curb appeal just increased!  I can't believe how much better it looks with those bushes gone!  It was a lot of hard work, but it sure is nice to have it done!  2 projects done ... a million to go!

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