Saturday, July 9, 2016

Eye Tricks!

Clark struggles with his speech, reading, writing, remembering things, etc.  After talking with a friend about how I think Clark may be dyslexic she mentioned a book that she thought would be helpful (The disconnected kid).  I enjoyed it and thought it could help Clark make some better brain connections between the right and left hemisphere.  One of the things you test is whether or not the child can cross his eyes.  Let's just say that Clark figured it out pretty fast :).  It was so fun to watch that everyone took turns crossing their eyes.  Some of the other fun tricks had to do with spinning in a chair and watching the eyes to see how long you are dizzy for.  Kind of cool! 

Here are some of the fun photos of the eye crossing fun!


Mhari, figuring it out ;)

Sandra.... creepy :)

Me .... need some work. 



Little Lorna .... needed some help to figure it out :). 

It is fun to do this stuff together because then Clark doesn't feel so singled out.  Hopefully after doing the exercises for a few months we will see some improvement in his dyslexia!

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