Saturday, July 16, 2016

Too much fun!

I'm sure it seems like we are having too much fun ... well, we are having a pretty great time :).  Who wouldn't when you can enjoy these amazing sunsets!  This week has been full of lots of fun, besides the great view :)

 It was 7 eleven... or July 11th, but it's more fun to say 7 eleven and stop in and get free slurpees!  Yum!

Then it was Chick-fil-a customer appreciation day and we dressed up like cows and got a free chicken sandwich!  We stopped in at lunch and then for dinner too!  It was so yummy, especially when it's free!!

Lorna had a friend from church who had a birthday so she got to go to the party.  She had a great time and when I arrived to pick her up I found her holding their little baby!  She was having a great time and loved holding baby Colton! 

We really are having a nice time and enjoying our time this summer!

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