Saturday, July 23, 2016

Friends and Fun!

Lorna has a friend, Brynlee, from church.  They were the cutest little sunbeams ever!  They were so good in their class and they just loved to sit together!  I loved being in primary and enjoy seeing them every Sunday.  Then we moved :(.  Poor Lorna missed Brynlee.  She adjusted to our new primary, but still talked about Brynlee all of the time.  Well, Brynlee's family was moving to Utah and before they left we had her over for a play date.  Lorna was so happy!  We even took her across the street to help feed the ducks.  They were so sweet together.  I'm so glad that they got to play one more time before Brynlee moved so far away.

This summer has been so fun ... partly because we get to swim all of the time!  Lorna has become a little fish and Clark got over his fear of the diving board and dives off and swims to the side like a pro!  Unfortunately the diving board bolt broke, but now they just jump off the side of the pool.  Clark was having such a fun time splashing and having fun I had to take a photo!  I know I don't take enough pictures, but I'm so glad we have had such a great time enjoying our new pool!

Our last fun was attending our ward Pioneer Day Picnic.  They played egg toss and the kids (and Jeff) had a great time.  Grant did really well with his partner, Zayden!

If you look at Grant over the next few pics he's at the bottom left and he keeps catching the egg!

We are still getting to know people in the new ward.  It was fun to have a relaxed way of hanging out and getting to know people better!  Yay for friends and fun!

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