Monday, July 18, 2016

Expanding ...

Time for Mhari to make more room for her adult teeth!  She got her expander!  Her top tooth was coming in and was trying to come in as a cross bite :(.  The orthodontist has been watching her teeth for the last six moths or so and finally decided it was time to put her in an expander.  We have really liked our orthodontist and appreciate him not rushing into treatment, but watching and waiting to see if it is really needed. 

Mhari was pretty excited, until she got the expander in her mouth.  It felt funny and she talked funny!  She will adjust quickly, but until then it is something new in her mouth! 

Here are some fun pictures of her new expander!

She got the Texas state flag pattern for the expander. 

Her treatment will go quickly and hopefully all of her adult teeth will have the room they need to come in!

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