Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Real Tree!

We decided it was time to get a real Christmas tree again.  It has been years since we have had a real one and it was fun to get one and have the kids experience a real tree.  We ended up at Home Depot to find our tree.  It was fun to buy an 8 foot tree to enjoy in our large house!  The kids seriously loved getting the tree!! 



Even Talmage!

Look how pretty it is!

We also got some new ornaments to do a new Christmas tree theme.  It turned out really well and I love the ribbon on the tree!

My favorite photo of the kids and the tree!  I think this is the best way to enjoy a tree anyway :)

Too cute!
It is fun to be at the point where we can have a pretty tree with pretty ornaments and the kids leave it alone and jut enjoy how pretty it is.  Sometimes it's odd to have our kids getting older, but this was a fun thing to enjoy with bigger kids ;)

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