Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ready to Cook!

The kids had their county food competition!  We have put in lots of practice and now the kids get to show off what they had learned. 

Our teams:  Roasted Skittles ~ Lexie, Sandra, Owen, Mhari and Abby

I love their hats!

Dragon Fruit:  Ella, Grant, Talmage, Bree and Valerie

Roasted Skittles cooking.  They got the ingredients for Pumpkin Pancakes, but they made a sleeping river bed instead.

Dragon Fruit!  They got the ingredients for a vegetable side dish and they turned it into....

a vegi-raft

Presenting to the judges
Both teams did so well!  They each took second place and get to move onto district!  This will be the boys first time at district and they are so excited to get to finally move on!

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