Friday, November 18, 2016

Do you see what I see?

Several of the kids have now had expanders and braces.  It's been nice to help their mouth adjust and be ready for their adult teeth.  I really like our orthodontist and how he works with the kids and their teeth.  I have an overbite (not a huge one) and that leaves my bottom and top teeth not touching in front.  It's really no big deal, until my lower teeth started shifting.  Now my teeth will just keep shifting out of place because there is nothing there to hold them in place.  After going through a consultation and reviewing the options .... from retainer to stop shifting to full on braces, I decided to go with the lower teeth getting invisalign.   It ended up being similar priced to braces and similar time frame. 

Now, you may be thinking, why bother fixing the crooked teeth now?  So there are some good reasons to deal with it now.  First, as stated, it will stop the teeth from moving out of position.  that's not a huge deal to some people though.  Who cares if your bottom teeth are a little crooked?  By having crooked teeth it makes them more difficult to clean and I get some bad plaque build up because they are crooked.  Once this is all over they will be stable and my mouth will be easier to take care of.  The bonus is that my smile will be prettier ;)

So here I am at the beginning of it all.  I have the first tray in of 10 trays.  The best part is that you really can't tell that it's there! 

This shot shows how much my lower teeth have moved over the years... a good before look.

So, do you see what I see?

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