Saturday, November 19, 2016

One Step Forward...

and 2 Steps back.  I think that must be the theme of a house remodel project.  We have the floor completely extended!  It is great to get a feel for all of the new space upstairs. 

We had to get the media room ducted and when that happened we had to use some of the space at the stair landing for the ducting.... making our landing too small.  Now we need to redo the stairs.  That will free up some head room in the master closet so that is a huge plus.  While we are messing up the master closet we decided to take away the wall between the two closets so we will end up with one large closet.  While it feels like the master is starting to come together we have had to keep ripping things apart, instead of moving along to finishing touches ... such is the life!

The boys helping up on the new floor boards. 

Stairs getting ready to come out.

Jeff removing the stairs

 Almost all gone!

That would be the master closet.

The new wall to the master

The master ceiling ... or floor to the loft

The entrance to the closets... 2 doors.  Mine on the left and Jeff's in front.

Jeff's closet

 Mine... seriously lacking in headroom at the back.

Time to say good-bye to the wall!
Little helpers!

No more sheetrock!

And it's open!
I guess we will see how much progress we make before we decide something else has to be ripped apart.  It's nice to get it all done at the same time, even if it is messing up our time line!

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