Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The boys had a Court of Honor.  Both of our boys had lots of things they had earned.  This ward is really into scouting and it's great for the boys to get to do some awesome things!  Talmage earned his 50 miler award which was totally cool, and takes a ton of hard work! 

Talmage also earned his ATV badge

There were also awards from the recent camporee they attended.  Grant took 5th place in the hammer throw (against hundreds of other kids).  That was super cool!

The camporee badge

The other cool award was that Grant earned his Life rank.  That means that all that stands between him and getting his Eagle is a project and a few merit badges!  It's getting so close!

Talmage also earned several merit badges. 

It is fun to see the boys accomplishing great things in Scouting. 

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