Wednesday, November 23, 2016

OK Awesome

We got invited to spend part of Thanksgiving break up in OK at our friends property.  They have a large house that the family shares so there was tons of room.  There were 5 families that came up and tons of kids from baby to 14!  It was a great balance of people so everyone had friends to hang out with.  The kids were gone all day playing outside!  They canoed, played tag, hide and go seek, jumped on the trampoline, slid down a slide, played games, etc.  It was awesome!  It was also nice that there were enough adults to hang out with also.  We did puzzles, played games, went on hikes, ATV rides, shooting, etc!  We are so grateful to be making some fun friends and get to participate in this awesome experience!

Sandra, and Mhari canoeing

Grant in the paddle boat

The slide!  Lorna and Allie ready to go down! 

Clark swinging


Jeff helping get Lorna set up to go down

Chica ready! 

Mhari's turn 


The Mom Hike!  It was so great to have a few minutes hiking with these awesome ladies!  It was a beautiful hike that got our hearts pumping!  Shellie, Me, Cassi, and Leslie 

Another Mom Hike:  Cassi, Me, Shellie, Kristy, and Leslie!

Jeff with the little baby

Shooting time! 

The ladies are really into puzzles so they put together several puzzles while we were there.  I brought our Walking Dead puzzle, but the ladies (all but 1) aren't into zombies so Jeff and I did the puzzle by ourselves.  Cassie did end up helping for a while.  I think she felt sorry for us.  Then Leslie helped with the last few pieces.  That is one hard puzzle!

Lorna swinging! 
 Grant hanging out on the dock

Sandra at the end of the slide run.  They stop just before the water :)

Mhari heading back up the hill. 

 Daddy pushing Lorna

 Grant and Sandra taking the canoe out. 

Jeff on the boat at the dock 

 Fall colors 

Shooting Fun!
Jeff teaching Sandra.  She had a great time and really got comfortable shooting the 22 rifle. 


Mhari's first time shooting!

I got to teach Clark to shoot.  He's growing up so fast!

 Jeff getting to shoot

 Mhari with the handgun

 I got to shoot too!

Clark really liked the ATV

The damage to our new little target.  Lots of 22 rounds
Talmage came too, but didn't shoot.  He did help throw the skeet for the guys to shoot.  At the end of it all they got me to try skeet shooting.  It was my first time and after a few tries I started to get the hang of it.  It was great to get out and shoot again! 

 Time to clean up all of the shells... and climb the dirt wall :)

There was even a teeter totter! 

 The trampoline was broken, but that didn't stop the kids. 

The family ATV ride! 

Grant went fishing with Brother Buer

Jeff went shooting with the other dads.  Playing with the big guns!

It was a great trip!  We really enjoyed being away for a few days and having lots of awesome stuff to do!  Maybe we will get invited again :). 

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