Thursday, May 11, 2017

Homeschool Day at 6 Flags!

This was our first year in town for 6 Flags homeschool day.  We also have season passes so it was not any extra expense to go.  We met up with some friends and hung out with the cousins.  Everyone had a great time and there was actually more people than I thought would be there.  I got to go on Mr. Freeze with some of the big kids.  While waiting in line the kids played tag... with their head.  It was silly to watch, but entertaining.  

By the end of the day many of the families had cleared out... which left the lines super short, or even non-existent!  Here we are at Batman.  Brandy and I took the littles up and waited while the big kids rode and then they took over the littles so Brandy and I could ride.  While we waited the kids had fun playing on the poles for the lines :).  

 Talmage, Grant and Abby 


Things I learned at homeschool day.  Most of the kids wore appropriate clothing and didn't walk around staring at a cell phone.  There were parents with the groups of children, even the teens.  The kids were polite and I didn't hear any crude language.  I kind of wish every day at 6 Flags was homeschool day ;)

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