Saturday, May 20, 2017

The progress of the Eagle!

Grant's eagle project was to reroof and repair a garden shed at a nearby elementary school.  The plywood was rotted under the shingles since there was no felt paper.  Then the door trim needed some wood replaced.  There were a several volunteers that came, which made it go smoother.  Brother Myerhoff is good at roofing so we let him take the lead with that.  Everyone else was a good support too.  All of the little helpers were good for hauling away the old shingles and trash and then helping pass up new shingles.  Overall the whole project lasted just over 4 hours.  It was pretty quick considering all we were able to accomplish!

Here they are taking off the old shingles.

Loading up the trailer to take the shingles to the trash

 Taking off the old plywood

Working on the door trim

 Cutting new plywood

More trash

 To the dumpster!

Plywood going on!

 Felt paper!

Shingles!  We ended up with the adults on one side of the shed working the shingles.  I got the youth started on the other side and it became a race to the top...

 Look at those kids line them up!

 The little kids had a bucket brigade style going on passing up the shingles ;)

 Grant... not sure how safe that is

Making good progress

 Closing in on a winner!

The men's side looks level and they made it to the top first, but they also started first.

 All done!  

Way to go Grant!  Now to finish up some merit badges and the rest of the paperwork!  So close!

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