Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Texas Awesome

Texas is pretty awesome. The weather is kind of crazy.  Like the kind of crazy that it's not really worth checking the weather because it changes so often.  Some of the weather is severe and not fun, but most often we get some good rain and beautiful clouds and sunsets.  This day the rain was pouring down!  Within a half hour it was over and the sky was beautiful!

So amazing!

The next day we went to 6 Flags to check out the new Joker ride. Grant, Sandra, Mhari and I were brave enough to ride it.  It was freaky awesome... as a roller coaster should be!   

The older kids went to do Aquaman and got soaked!

Meanwhile I was in the kid area with Clark and Lorna.  They had a blast running around doing the rides since there were no lines for them!
We didn't stay long, but the weather was perfect.  So glad we can just pop in for a few rides and not have to spend the whole day :)

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