Wednesday, May 17, 2017

When Grandma comes to town

My mom, Grandma Whitmer, came to visit me for my birthday :).  It was fun to see her and do some fun stuff, but also fun for the kids to get to spend time with her too!  Grandma hurt her ankle so we didn't get out and do a lot of walking or anything too crazy.  

I did take her to the Dallas Zoo right after she got off the plane.  We were right there and the kids needed to redeem all of their accumulated points at the nature exchange.  It wasn't a lot of walking, but it is still a zoo afterall.  Once we were done at the nature exchange the kids wanted to walk the zoo.  We went and looked at a few animals before being done for the day.  

Sleepy kids are just too cute!  I think they were worn out!

The next day we spent time at the park by our house and the older kids rode bikes while the little ones played.  The last day we went out to lunch at Braums and Grandma bought everyone ice cream.  The kids were in heaven!  

Yay for delicious ice cream!  

We love when Grandma Whitmer comes to visit!  

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