Saturday, May 2, 2009

Because of swine flu...

I get to enjoy having my kids with me for 7 wonderful fun filled extra days, instead of them going to school. Yes, that is a little bit of sarcasm, but overall the first two days have gone well :). Yesterday for fun Friday we watched a movie, made banana bread, and got to ride bikes! Talmage had a very long list of what he wanted to do... but there is really only so much time in a day, so maybe next week!

Jeff was studying for finals, but took a break to hang out with us while the kids rode around.
The boys need to work on balance so we can take off their training wheels and Sandra is still figuring out the pedals. She is doing much better after yesterdays practice!

There is a field with horses by the parking lot... the boys just couldn't help themselves! Wouldn't you want a closer look :)
I think they could climb anything if they put their minds to it!

During all the riding time Mhari had a ball she ran around with. By the time the older kids were distracted Mhari decided it was time to make her move...

It is funny to watch the little ones try to be like the big kids! She really thought she was so great!

I figured I'd give her a little help. She fit better on Sandra's bike, plus she got to borrow her sister's helmet. Her feet didn't quite reach, but she didn't mind. The only problem was that once Mhari decided she wanted to ride (because no one else was), that's when Sandra decided she wanted her bike back. Oh siblings!
I'm not sure what exciting adventures we'll have next week, but we'll be keeping busy so that way Mommy doesn't go crazy! I hope the swine flu craziness goes away soon.


EmpressOfAllSheSurveys said...

Wow, Mhari is getting SO big!! Seeing her on a bike.... wow. So far no loco about the swine flu here, we just got a letter sent home is all, like they do for lice or strep. Consider this a dress rehearsal for summer!

Alli said...

They closed my niece's school for a week but decided to open it on Tuesday again instead of Friday since everyone's saying it's only as bad as the regular flu. So maybe you'll get lucky and send them back early :)