Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The last 30 years

For my birthday I figured I would honor the last 30 years... with some fun photos!

I would love to put more up from my younger days (pre-high school), but this was as much as I had (thanks again Christa!). The years have been good - I've grown up, gotten married, and started my own family! I'm excited to see my children continue to grow and then start theirs too... lots to look forward to in the next 30 years!

Taffery's wedding reception!  Just found out that I was pregnant with Sandra.

Me and baby Mhari

Camping with the family in Arizona, while being pregnant with Sandra.

Sandra's birth :)

Camping in Galveston - pregnant with Mhari

Sandra's blessing day

Baby Mhari

I would guess I'm about 4

Maybe 8 or 9

Helping give service in Mexico.  I think I'm 12

Senior year - 18 years old

20 Years old

Halloween 1999?

New Years Eve - Almost 2000

Jaime's wedding reception!

Trip to Vegas with Holly and Murray.  I'm about 19

Vance and me 1997


Senior ID photo - freshman year

Senior or Junior year

Last year of girls camp. 16 years old

Trying on wedding dresses - with the young women.  I'm about 16



samantha said...

That Prom photo was totally awesome. It brought me back to that night. It was fun. Happy birthday. What a great 30 years it looks like you have had.

Mother of 4, Caregiver of 8 said...

Happy Birthday Chicken!

DurkFamily said...

Again happy birthday, it's too crazy! I hope this next year is a great as the last 30.

Williams Family said...

such a QT. Hope you had a great b-day. miss ya lots