Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day grilling!

We recently inherited a grill from some friends. This is our first time owning a grill and what a great time to start for the holiday! We didn't have any grill utensils so Jeff went out to the store to buy some.

It had to be cleaned out first. Looks like that wire scraper works good!

I had bought hot dogs, but chicken was getting closer to being on the menu... look out hennies!

Jeff and the kids waiting for the hot dogs and corn on the cob to finish cooking.

While they were waiting Jeff heard the propane tanks run out and turn off... bummer (we weren't sure how much was left in it). The hot dogs were quite done, but not the corn. I finished the corn up in the microwave and we had a nice dinner together.
Sorry, no finished food photos... maybe next time :).
It felt like a real holiday with Jeff using the grill.
Maybe next time we'll have enough propane to do the whole meal :).


Tink said...

Ooh, I love grilled food! That looks like a nice grill, too! Bummer about the propane running out mid-grill; if you can get one, it's nice to have an extra tank handy for just such an event! (:

Machelle said...

FUN, you always have all the fun. Wish I were there instead of moving furniture yesterday. LOL

luvmykids said...

I hate it when the propane goes out! Gas grills are a must in Texas since we get burn bans. Congrats on the new grill! I hope it brings tons of grilling!

Williams Family said...

love it.

Kim said...

Living in TX, you'll probably have lots of opprtunity to grill. - I have started grilling a little extra for leftovers. I really like the boneless, skinless chicken tenders (or breasts cut into thick strips). I just salt them a little on both sides (and a little onion powder) and cook them for just a couple minutes on both sides. They're super-quick! After I flip them, sometimes I brush them with BBQ sauce or Orange marmalade (thinned w/ a little water), but plain is yummy too. Once, I squirted them with lime juice after they were cooked & put them in a taco salad. - It's a lot better than heating up my kitchen using the oven, or standing over a hot stove for 1/2 hour.

Anonymous said...

It's good to grill I tell you what! When did you guys go to six flags? And those projects are amazing.